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People first

Piggyvest had a lot going right, and we were curious to learn as much as possible to begin with. We had several sessions with the team to understand the story of the brand, and get their perspectives and experiences working from within.

As a financial brand gaining increasing trust, Piggyvest decided against having a drastic logo change and we agreed with the rationale. We focused on finding opportunities that simply made the same logo more meaningful.

Beds of treasures

We tweaked the original blue to a slightly brighter hue we named Piggy Blue, while the new visual system embraces more colours in the patterns and elements that will feature in ads and posters. The new colour system also brings in some more vibrancy to the overall look and feel.

We also created a new pattern (for application on stationery, interface, ephemera/merch and more) based on the idea of an abstract visual representation of prosperity and wealth.

It is formed by an endless array of neatly packed and similarly grouped objects based on 3 abstract shapes culled from the Piggyvest logo and represents conscious savings and growth of wealth through the multiple options available.

Touching every point

Most brand icons—custom-drawn or bought as a graphics pack—don’t stand out as identifiable on their own, and while this isn’t a crime, we had a unique visual feature that could influence elements as basic as icons and buttons. So, why not? We designed the elements to have at least one visibly curved edge and other relatively sharp edges based on the logo, bearing a combination of perfectly rounded edges and one relatively sharp edge. It’s a flip, but a relatable one.

A brand-centric user interface

We collaborated with the in-house Product Design team on a new website and mobile app interface for the platform. We aligned the look (spot the buttons on the website and mobile app) with the new visual style across board. It had to be beautiful, functional, and brand-centric.

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