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The untold story of borderless money.

The story of Pesa is the story of the millions of migrants trying to stay connected to the people and places that have shaped them while they explored a border-free world for a better life.

Considering the importance of connections and relationships across borders, the main questions were: "how do we capture the essence of these individuals as a part of the Pesa brand?"

Behind the transaction.

Behind every transaction, there is a story worth knowing. And behind these stories are the need for human connection and relationships.

This is why Pesa cares more than just powering global money transfers. They're helping Borderless Nomads strengthen ties with the worlds they care most about, one transaction at a time.

Enabling the borderless nomad.

Embarking on a journey that takes you far away from what is familiar to you is not easy. This is why Pesa helps you navigate your newworld as you stay connected with the world you care about by providing you with the digital financial tools you need to do both.

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