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Make money easy

Previously known as Kudi, one of Nigeria’s leading agency banking FinTech startups, the team at Nomba decided to scale their offerings to provide tools and services for businesses to manage payments and operations.

They partnered with us at FourthCanvas to develop a new brand identity for their new company vision.

Show me the Nomba

The new name takes inspiration from the word “numbers” — often underrated and yet at the centre of how we process information. For most businesses, numbers are the most basic way to identify problems, define goals, measure growth, and make money.

The change from “Kudi” alludes the company’s new promise to improve how everyday businesses accept payments and manage their business operations. The name, “Nomba”, works perfectly, common to the target audience lingua, easily understandable while still unique within the competitive arena.

Everybody pays for something

The symbol is a slightly abstract representation of cross-road signs — typically seen in the middle of road intersections across the country. It communicates the idea that regardless of what your payment needs are, Nomba can provide and guide you to the right solution. The logo icon is a key part of the system, constantly applied with other visual devices such as colour, patterns, icons, etc.

For millions of people and businesses

We created visual devices to communicate a unique identity for Nomba everywhere — easily recognised by anyone. We developed a new visual language across colour, typography, patterns, and imagery to ensure consistency regardless of where it is being applied.

When numbers sing

Designed in collaboration with talented musician and producer, Damilare Afolabi, the Nomba sonic identity was inspired by the familiar bits and pieces of Nigerian memories that included numbers.

The sound of chalk on the math board, claps from the “tinko-tinko” game, ludo, “ten-ten” — we created an album of sounds that helps Nomba unique communicate its brand via channels that support audio (social media, radio, television, etc).

A seamless brand experience, end-to-end

As we prepared for the launch of the new brand, we designed and developed the Nomba website — understanding that it is the HQ of any brand’s presence on the internet. We also worked closely with the Nomba team to create assets for the product design.

We co-created expanded style guides strictly for digital uses and built a system for the product team to use in further iteration as they gain feedback and learn more from their customers.

If you mean business

We worked with the Nomba team and numerous media and advertising agencies to launch the new brand to the world. Some of the assets created were OOH ads, billboards, TV commercials, radio jingles, etc distributed nationwide.

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