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Welcome to Afriex

Afriex was created to become the fastest way for Africans to send and receive money across continents — a no small feat. The Afriex team contacted us at FourthCanvas to reimagine their brand identity system as they grow their reach to more customers in Africa.

Inspired by the grit and conviction of its founder, Temitope, our design direction was supported by four characters — conscious, rebel, innovative, and enabler.

True to the roots, designed for fruition.

We started by refreshing the logo icon, without making any huge changes to its form. For the rest of the system, we aimed at a representation that is consciously different and authentic while enabling growth and exploration.

We set out to develop a palette of vibrant colours on the back of a cool, dark and receptive one, allowing the composite visual system to excel. To emphasize a certain kind of different, we also set out to have bold and uncommon combinations in the use of colours and motion system.

Choose your moves

We created a visual system based on motion (moving money) made up of isometric 2D patterns and a combination of uncommon colour pairings and our typography. The new visual system creates a jarring-in-a-good-way impression the viewer while remaining recognizable and unique to the Afriex brand.

Our approach to the motion system and iconography also inherits this direction in a rebellious manner. This new visual system lives across every major touchpoint of the brand — social media, mobile applications, website, merchandise, digital ads, etc. It introduces a new era for one of Africa's fast-growing international payments startup.

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