Finally here—our report on Africa’s leading Challenger Brands

We have looked forward to today for a very long time, even right before we knew it would come in this exact form. We are excited to say it’s here—the Africa Challenger Brands report we have spent the last 5 years+ getting equipped for, and the last couple of months putting together and tidying up for your additional reference and resourceful use, as you play a role in building the next global brands from Africa.

Right from our founding days in 2015, we have always seen our role in the landscape of brands in Africa going beyond the immediate impact we can create with our clients to include how we can set the ball rolling in ways that influence decision-making and ideation in several board rooms across organizations and industries all over the continent and beyond. Last year, we began to work towards publishing a report that would highlight the best examples of brands being intentional and innovative with their communication and engagement with people as a way to inspire more efforts of similar or greater quality. It began as a suggestion from one of our partners, went on to become a team-wide burning passion, and today it’s yours to have.

The Africa Challenger Brands report is based on a combination of internal expertise, data analysis, and the informed opinions of our carefully selected external judges as we evaluate the brand efforts of tech startups over the past year. The final resource is a body of work including insightful summaries on each of the top 20 as well as key insights highlighted from their different unique approaches, among other insightful bits across the document which is available both for download here as a PDF and for order in print.

As published on the website,, we evaluated our long list of brands considered and observed along the lines of Ingenious Storytelling, Brand Tribe, and Brand Experience. With specific examples, data analytics (from our friends at TheFutureOfWorkAfrica who partnered with us on this), quotes from brand leaders, and snippets reflecting public sentiment about the brands, the report provides insights from multiple directions to aid inference as readers take cues and make what they may of the information. We hope that this is able to inspire other brands in the tech ecosystem as well as beyond it, with ‘traditional’ brands ready to step up their game having something to refer to.

We were further motivated to do this because we don’t know of any such material filling this gap in this part of the world, or maybe we missed it. Now that there is one, we hope that you find it indeed useful, and useful enough to share with others as we contribute to the overall quality of successful brand building and people engagement both in the startup and corporate landscape in Africa.

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